Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

Elise Buie Gave Me My Life Back

I am a mother of two children who has suffered from drug addiction. When I was active in my addiction my children were taken from me. When I had finally obtained enough strength to go to Treatment and become clean and sober, I was referred to Elise by a friend in the Recovery community. Elise had met with me for a consultation within days. After hearing my journey, she commended me for everything I had overcome. Elise and her Associates were exactly what I needed. They worked extreme hours on end and dedicated every minute my case. It wasn't just about the money with Elise, I knew she wanted to help to fight for what was right. My kids were taken by their father and I went months without seeing them even after getting my life back together. She knew a piece of my heart was missing. When I had met Elise, I had just a few months clean and sober. From 2 or 3 months to over 18 months in Recovery, Elise has stuck by my side the entire way. It was a long process, but she never gave up. Her office worked extremely hard to settle on my Divorce and did everything in her power to get my kids back into my life. I have never seen anyone so dedicated and focused on a case. She knew I had worked very hard to get where I was. She had compassion and a heart of understanding. Thanks to Elise, I no longer have fear. She has taught me that as long as I stay true to what is right and work very hard to obtain my goals, everything works out if you just have a little faith. Her willingness and generosity was more than I could have ever expected. As a mother in Recovery, I had a lot to prove to the courts. She not once made me feel like I wasn't worthy. She truly cared. She not only cared about me, she also cared about my children. She knew they wanted to be reunited with their mother. She didn't stop until that happened. If I called her with a question, she would answer. If I was worried about something, she would calm me. Her communication was exceptional. If I needed her, she was there. She has watched me grow as a mother, as a successful career woman, and as a woman of service in the Recovery community. She not only fought for my kids, but gave me strength to keep going at times when I wanted to give up. Elise Buie is a fierce advocate for her clients and won't stop until the job is done. I would recommend anyone and everyone to her. I am truly grateful for everything she has done. She made things possible again. Because of Elise Buie Family Law I got my life back. I get to kiss my little angels goodnight. I get to watch them grow up. I would refer Elise Buie to anyone in need of a Family Law or Divorce Attorney.

Happy Past Client


Elise, you know you're amazing right?

We will forever be grateful to you for your care, compassion, understanding and support.  She is now on Book #16.  The most wonderful gift ever.  What a reader she is.

-Happy Client

Hello Elise,
I hope this finds you doing well.  I think of you on a fairly regular basis hoping your family is doing great and thinking about how you helped us.  Always thinking about reaching out and giving you updates...  Suddenly it's been 2 years or more!

What you were willing and able to do for us was extremely impactful, but it wasn't just what you did that stays with me- it's all of the compassion, words of wisdom, and encouragement that you provided.  You had me convinced that you really believed in me and all of my potential, not just as a great parent, but also with my career.  I know I walked with my head a little bit higher from that point forward.

I have so much respect and admiration for who you are as a person, a mother, and the best child advocate/ lawyer I've even been blessed to know.  I would be very grateful for any advice or opportunities you may be aware of or be willing to share.

-Happy Past Client

Superb, smart, highly knowledgeable, communicative and has a heart for her client

I absolutely admire her. She was very kind, thorough and understanding of the situation. She is very patient with you in any given situation. If you are looking for someone who is looking for your best interest , is highly knowledgeable and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries during a difficult situation this is the right attorney for you. She is very kind, dedicated, fair, honest and highly passionate about her work . She will fight for your best interest. Dedicated and fair this attorney is. She is highly considerate of innocent children that are caught in the ugly mess of divorce/custody battles.

She is very intelligent and is a knowledgeable attorney who has got a heart of gold (one of the rare qualities found in attorneys).

She is the best.  There are no words enough to describe how good she is.

-Past Client

Every time I am around you your energy is contagious! I wanted you to know that. I am looking forward to sharing more of the Year of Elise with you!

-Current Client

I felt your hug from across the room.  Your insight into feelings and how to help your clients navigate this difficult process is invaluable and so rare!

-Current Client

Thank you for being so thorough and looking at this with an open mind. Your diligence and bravery made this possible. 

My family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. The kids still keep trying to call you when they see any inequities. 

You clearly touched their hearts.

Warmest regards, 
-Past Client

Elise, it was such a pleasure to meet you.  You truly understand the nuances of domestic abuse.  You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and such a kind heart.

-Past Client 


Thank you for being so thorough and looking at this with an open mind. Your diligence and bravery made this possible. My family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. The kids still keep trying to call you when they see any inequities. You clearly touched their hearts. Warmest regards, -Past Client

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