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Elise's “Must Read” Resources

For Married Couples Hoping to Stay Together

The Good Marriage by Judith Wallerstein & Sandra Blakesee (1996, Warner Books)

Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend (1999)

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dennis Gottman (1999, Three Rivers Press)

The 5 Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman, Northfield Publishing 2010 Edition

For Couples in High Conflict Situations

Stop Walking On Eggshells by M.S.T. Mason

It's All Your Fault by Bill Eddy (2008, Janis Publications USA)

For Kids of Separating/Divorcing Parents

Mom's House; Dad's House: Making Two Homes for Your Child by Isolina Ricci (2006, Fireside)

Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown and Laurie K. Brown, (1986) Age range: 3-10

Two Homes 
By Claire Masurel and Kady Macdonald Denton
 Young Alex's parents are divorced, and he spends time with each of them Age range: 0-3

It's Not Your Fault, Koko BearBy Vicki Lansky
 - Preschooler Koko Bear faces the troubling news that herparents are getting a divorce. Mama and Papa Bear compassionately listen to Koko's concerns and give her ample opportunity to express her feelings, while conveying the important message that the divorce is not her fault.
 Age range: 3-7

For Separating/Divorcing Parents

The Co-Parents' Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient, and Resourceful Kids in a Two-Home Family from Little Ones to Young Adults  by Karen Bonnell (2014)

The Truth About Children and Divorce by Dr. Robert Emery (2004, Penguin)

Renegotiating Family Relationships by Dr. Robert Emery (1994, Guilford Press)

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce, the Sandcastle Way by M. Gary Neuman (1998, Random House)

The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Comes Apart by Constance Ahrons (1998, Harper Press)

What About the Kids? Raising Your Children Before, During and After Divorce by Judith Wallerstein, PhD.And Sandra Blakesee (2003, Hyperion Press)

Collaborative Divorce: The Revolutionary Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues and Move on With Your Life by Pauline Tesler and Peggy Thompson (2006, Regan Press)

Putting Children First, Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce by JoAnnePedro-Carroll

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss what Matters Most
by Douglas Stone

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: The 25 Year Landmark Study
 By Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis, Sandra Blakeslee

No More Us: Navigating a Divorce or Separation You Didn't Want by Kristin Little LMHC

For Those Entering the Dating World

Get it Right This Time by Amy Schoen (2008)

He Is Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and LizTuccillo (2004, Simon & Schuster)

Step Families

The Happy Stepmother by Rachelle Katz

Stepfamilies by James H. Bray and John Kelly

Keys to Successful Stepfathering by Carl E. Pickhardt

Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin

A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom by Jacquelyn B. Fletcher

The Stepfamily Handbook: Dating, Getting Serious, and Forming a "Blended Family" by Karen Bonnell and Patricia Papernow 

Collaborative Divorce

Avoiding Litigation by Sherrie R. Abney

Beyond Winning by Robert H. Mnookin

Collaborative Divorce Handbook: Effectively Helping Divorcing  Families Without Going to Court by Forrest S. Mosten

Collaborative Divorce: The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on with Your Life by Pauline Tesler and Peggy Thompson

Collaborative Practice: Deepening the Dialogue by Nancy J. Cameron

Collaborative Family Law by Richard W. Shields and Victoria Smith

Complete Guide to Mediation: The Cutting Approach to Family Law Practice by Forrest S. Mosten

Mediation Career Guide: A Strategic Approach to Building a Successful Practice by Forrest S. Mosten

Navigating Emotional Currents of Collaborative Divorce: A Guide to Enlightened Team Practice, with a Foreword by Pauline Tesler, Esquire by Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick

The Collaborative Way to Divorce by Ron Ousky and Stuart Webb

Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide to Delivering Legal Services a la Carte by Forrest S. Mosten

Developing a Parenting Plan

Using Child Development Research to Make Appropriate Custody and Access Decisions for Young Children by Joan B. Kelly and Michael E. Lamb

Developing Beneficial Parenting Plan Models for Children Following Separation and Divorce by Joan B. Kelly

Creating Effective Parenting Plans: A Developmental Approach for Lawyers and Divorce Professionals by John N. Hartson and Brenda J. Payne

The Co-Parents' Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient, and Resourceful Kids in a Two-Home Family from Little Ones to Young Adults by Karen Bonnell

Parallel Parenting for High Conflict Families by Philip M. Stahl

Family-Centered Parenting Planning by Karen Bonnell, MS, Co-Parent Coach, and Elise Buie JD, GAL

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